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Manje Bistre album/movie presents his new track Kasoor which is sung by Khan Saab or lyrics are penned by Ricky Khan. The music given by Jassi Katyal (Jassi K) or the role of starcast in these video song are played by Gippy Grewal, Sonam Bajwa.

Kasoor Song HD Video :-


Kasoor Song Credits :-

Song : Kasoor
Artist : Khan Saab
Starcast : Gippy Grewal, Sonam Bajwa
Director : Baljit Singh Deo
Lyrics : Ricky Khan
Music : Jassi Katyal (Jay K)
Label : Saga Music
Album/Movie : Manje Bistre

Kasoor Song Lyrics :-

Na Koi Ohda Si Kasoor
Na Koi Mera Si Kasoor
Fer Das Kahton Kita
Ik Duje Kolo Door (2x)

Ohde Mere Chaa, Ohde Mere Chaa
Kahton Hanjua Ch Roodh Te

Ve Tu Kehdi Gallon Rabba
Kathe Do Dil Tod Te (2x)

Dooe Hona Chaheya Si Ohne Mere Ton
Kyu Na Hasse Dekhe Gye Sade Tere Ton (2x)

Dova De Kyu Sath, Dova De Kyu Sath
Sade Gmma Nal Jod Te
(ve Tu Kehdi Gallon Rabba Do)

Ve Tu Kehdi Gallon Rabba
Kathe Do Dil Tod Te (2x)

Isqe, Na Hove Kdi Isqe (3x)

Aidi Tan Koi Lagdi Koi Kiti Khta Nahi
Neenda Gaian, Kyu Khushian Da Pta Nahi (2x)

Hasse Ricky Khan, Hasse Ricky Khan
De Tu Kehde Raahe Toor Te

(na Koi Ohda Kasoor, Na Koi Mera Kasoor)

Ve Tu Kehdi Gallon Rabba
Kathe Do Dil Tod Te (2x)

Ve Sajna Vee…
Sajnaaaa Ve Haye…

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